Although it seems like a housing complex, Pukka Vega is made up of totally detached houses in terms  of usage. Each house (both ground floor and first floor) having a detached garden of approximately 190 – 260 m² area, is one of the striking features of Pukka Vega. Upon this architectural solution which puts an end to the most popular common area usage that can be experienced during the community life, being detached is put to forefront as the entrances and the gardens of the houses are located at opposite directions.

The houses are 107,5 m² excluding the terraces and there are 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 2 bathrooms.

Pukka Vega Plan of the Ground Floor Flat

1Entrance hall6,3 m²
2Living Room & Open Kitchen 36,40 m²
3Cellar2,80 m²
4Bathroom & Wc5,20 m²
5Corridor3,40 m²
6Master Bedroom14,00 m²
8Dressing Room2,00 m²
9En-suite Bathroom4,10 m²
10Bedroom - 212,00 m²
11Bedroom - 38,60 m²
12Terrace15,00 m²

Pukka Vega Plan of the Upper Storey Flat

1Entrance hall6,3 m²
2Living Room & Open Kitchen36,40 m²
3Bathroom & Wc5,20 m²
4Corridor3,40 m²
5Master Bedroom14,00 m²
6Dressing Room2,00 m²
7En-suite Bathroom4,10 m²
8Bedroom - 212,00 m²
9Bedroom - 38,60 m²
10Terrace15,00 m²
11Master Bedroom Terrace4,50 m²

Under the stairs, there is a 4 m² garden depot area for the use of 1st floor.