Type 1 Stone House with Voult
This type bears the stamp of Classic architectural style with; the high voult ceiling in the living room area, the staircase that provides access to the bedrooms upstairs with the detail of steel integrated with wooden, balconies with custom designed wrought iron and windows with wide windowledges.

Type 2 Stone House with Timber Hipped Roof

The authentic structure of this stone house is unified with modern design by the integration of high timber hipped roof in the living room area with special designed windows that are produced of timber and glass and used in gallery areas.

Pukka Rue Type 1 1st Floor Plan

 RoomSquare Meter
1Master bedroom13,5 m²
2Dressing room3,65 m²
3En-suite bathroom5,05 m²
4Bedroom14,2 m²
5Bathroom3,4 m²
6Hall7,85 m²
7Terrace16,45 m²
8Terraces8,9 m²

Pukka Rue Type 1 Ground Floor Plan

 RoomSquare Meter
1Living room39,5 m²
2Bedroom12,4 m²
3Bathroom3,4 m²
4Kitchen11,85 m²
5Hall1,8 m²
6Laundry3,2 m²
7Entrance5,8 m²
8Cellar2,6 m²
9Storage room2,5 m²
10Terrace16,5 m²
11Terraces8,7 m²
12Main entrance12,1 m²

Pukka RueType 2 1st Floor Plan

 RoomSquare Meter
1Master bedroom18,95 m²
2Dressing room2,65 m²
3En-suite bathroom4,6 m²
4Bedroom12,05 m²
5Bathroom3,25 m²
6Hall9,05 m²
7Terraces9,07 m²

Pukka Rue Type 2 Ground Floor Plan

 RoomSquare Meter
1Living room42,3 m²
2Bedroom12,3 m²
3Bathroom5,85 m²
4Kitchen11,05 m²
5Hall15,45 m²
6Coat stand room6,2 m²
7Storage room4,7 m²
8Laundry2,75 m²
9Terrace20,55 m²
10Terraces14,2 m²
11Main entrance8,85 m²